the meek shall inherit

by early spirit

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    "the meek shall inherit" is 7 tracks of synth music influenced by genres such as ambient, drone, electro, dubstep, and house. Download the whole album and receive 3 bonus tracks. Name your own price, including free. Please, if you do free though, be awesome and click the facebook like. That would be a big help for us and is much appreciated.

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Early Spirit is Ansley King with Bobby Hansford at drums for live shows. These tracks were all recorded in Reason. Early Spirit started out as electro/ambient/idm but is heading towards a more ambient/post-dubstep sound. Another ep is tentatively due out at the end of May.

Artwork was by Joseph Jarrett. View more of his work at

Reviews of "the meek shall inherit"
"Early Spirit likes to blast you with glitches and whirs inside of unstoppable pop melodies. The duos fast paced electro structure lies on a happy spectrum, but the music feels inclined to lean dark when you really listen. Soft moaning synths wail away underneath all of it."

"For The Stars is a pulsing, skittering jolt of lightening-blue energy, an old-fashioned floor-filler that successfully grinds away at preconceptions. Genrefication of dance music is inherently daft – it’s all about dancing, right? – and under this remit, For The Stars is a huge success."

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released February 2, 2011




Early Spirit Jackson, Mississippi

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